Figures and Figures in spaces

The human figure is one of life’s most familiar and emblematic forms. We see it from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Its stance describes our age, our fitness and our moods and emotions. It is nevertheless one of the most challenging forms to portray credibly. Of course, it could be done using mathematics (Golden number ), but where’s the challenge in that? It can also be done using a full knowledge of anatomy, but this often lacks elements of expressivity that provide visual engagement. I don’t know where the true path lies but I have explored several in learning about sculpture, more and less successfully……..

I have explored various media for this work: terracotta for relatively low cost one-off permanent pieces, which can be painted to simulate other materials; stoneware ceramic, which is again relatively low cost, one-off and permanent, with the added advantage of housing outside if required; wax for fine modelling on a small scale, but which needs to be cast into another material for long term preservation. Cast options include plaster, which can be coloured in various ways, metal/resins or bronze. Bronze is the most expensive option. I have worked on a small scale with two foundries: Castle Fine Arts Foundry  Castle Fine Arts Foundry and McKinney Arts Foundry, Norfolk McKinney Arts Foundry .