Recent work

Chicken Wire Figures

Lockdown provided stresses and opportunities for us all. Deprived of some of my ceramic and metallic workshop facilities I have experimented with chicken wire as a medium for portraying people and things. They are curious. As they are viewed in different lights one becomes aware of both the outer and inner spaces taken up by the forms. The process is complicated but result in near-life sized wire figures able to withstand the weather, making good additions to a garden setting.

Fun with Ceramics

In my hands, clay opens all sorts of doors for experimentation and play. Pots, portraits, sculptures for indoors and out. Some get exhibited, some get sold, some get given away, many just gather dust around home, garden, and studio.

About balance and movement, this is my take on plant growth and diversity (colour and form). At 2.1 metres and mounted on metal rods the work moves gently in the breeze.

“Freeze frame” – 45 cm -No balance here.

And other stuff – letting my imagination run riot